<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Rafting, commonly known as an adventurous and exciting rafting activity, which is very much liked by the adventurers, contributes a lot in providing a significant pleasure in life. India is known as the country of the river, river rafting is done in many places in the country, which is famous in the whole country as well as abroad. This activity is done by a group in the river, inflatable rafts are used to navigate the water stream.It is not recommended for people who are afraid of the water, have blood pressure problems, or have heart or breathing problems, should only be done after being supervised by a rafting instructor, your instructor, or supervisor first. Rafting and can take the guidance of experienced rafters. Support people with you guarantee the rescue of water in emergency situations. For this, many types of equipment are used, out of which inflatable is important. There are many types of equipment in use in the market today, which are used accordingly. You are recommended to choose rafting equipment according to the weather and water flow, the weather, water flow, and water temperature are of great importance. Cotton items and clothes should be avoided because soaking in water will make the body feel cold. Sandals are not recommended for older tennis courts. Shoes or running If the water temperature is high, you can wear shorts and a T-shirt. Rafe is an adventure game, but sometimes if you are not careful enough, the fun can be ruined, as well as cause any kind of accident. This is the main problem with rafters, for this a good and effective sunscreen is recommended. The rivers of Rishikesh, Darbar, Bimeshwari, Zanskar, Spiti, Arkananda, and Kamon rivers are famous for rafting in India.</span>