<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Known as the epitome of paradise on earth, Kashmir is indeed a poetic description. Many artists, writers and poets are inspired by the natural beauty of Kashmir. When you come here, you will find that the beauty here has changed your life. You will never see something more peaceful, purer, and more beautiful like Jammu and Kashmir. Although three countries compete for this place: India, Pakistan and China, despite political instability and natural disasters, this place still maintains its charm. Mountains are a gift from nature. Tourists flock to experience adventure activities such as hiking, mountaineering, skiing, shipping, mountain biking, hiking or nature romance. Kashmir, paradise on earth, will be. Feel yourself in the wonderland of nature, stimulate your mind and soul, and help you find a new soul. This is a place to visit with family, friends or parents, because there are many tourists here, you can choose according to your travel preferences.</span>