<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Delhi is the capital of India and one of the ideal cities to enjoy the best Indian culture. This is a city full of places, sights, and many other places in Delhi. This is a clean, orderly and orderly city. The city often hides behind terrible traffic jams and hot weather, especially in summer, but despite all these factors, the city welcomes tourists with its panoramic views and rich history, as well as many cultural attractions that represent Indian traditions and customs. . The entire city was designed by the British and is considered a symbol of British power, but the various cultures and magnificent buildings that can be seen in the city today were produced in this way. The weather in Delhi is extremely bad, so you need to plan your trip yourself. It is not worth visiting this city in April and June because the uncomfortable heat can reach 40 degrees Celsius. From December to January, you will also experience very cold weather, and the cold wave will sink to freezing point. You can plan your trip any time from February to March or October to November to make the most of your trip. Part of New Delhi is one of the busiest areas. Here you can find the best city life, there are many restaurants, cafes, nightclubs. And quirky sights and Old Delhi is a rather old and dirty way of life, with simple houses, many bazaars and everything that has hundreds of years of history. To better understand the different places in Delhi, you can explore the best sights in Delhi to meet all your needs and choices. Enjoy the best of Delhi through our adventures, sightseeing, trekking, etc.</span>