What is “Tour For You” ?
Touforyou.in is a website created by RAD India Regime Pvt. Ltd. Company for travel enthusiasts. We live and breathe as we travel, and we know how important it is for the traveler to get the best experiences at the best prices. Like-minded travelers are the foundation on which everything else is born: great customer service, the best deals on tours and activities, and extensive travel knowledge.
Is “Tour For You” is safe ?
“Tour For You” is very safe. We only work with 100% secure payment systems. The company tries to make the living, food and other facilities of the person as well as the individual.
Do I need to have travel insurance?
We strongly recommend that all clients purchase travel insurance. You are responsible for purchasing travel insurance to ensure that any liability you may have to us or our suppliers, or any accidents related to the travel calendar that you wish to insure, will be covered. If you want to take travel insurance then you can also contact our company. The company will try to provide proper travel insurance for you.
Will I need vaccinations?
The company makes no recommendation for mandatory vaccinations. Ask your doctor or travel clinic for advice on vaccinations. Make sure you have your vaccinations or boosters on time before you travel. Some vaccines take longer and / or multiple injections to start. Give your healthcare provider a detailed schedule so they can provide you with all the vaccines you need.
How can I contact my tour operator?
When you book with us online, we will provide you with the details of the tour operator and a contact phone number. Please contact your tour operator with any questions regarding your tour.
I prefer booking face to face. Do you have a travel desk I can visit?
A travel desk is something we are working on at the moment. In the meantime, we’re more than happy to help you out in any way we possibly can. At present the company office is in Chandigarh and Kurukshetra, where you can come and meet.
I’m not sure when I’ll be travelling. Can I buy an open dated tour package?
Yes absolutely! We understand that you are not always able to plan ahead. When you buy an open dated tour package, but you need to let us know about 15 days in advance. So that we arrange your will be beneficial of your and company.
Will I need my passport to make a booking?
Some of our bookings require passport details. If we require your passport details we will ask for them in our booking form.
How do I know if my online booking has been succesful?
As soon as your booking is completed, the company will send information through your email, WhatsApp and SMS, if you still want to get any kind of information, then you can collect the information by calling the company's helpline number or by sending an email to the company.
Can I cancel or change my booking?
All bookings must be canceled through "Tour For You". However, be sure to check the individual cancellation policy for the trip you have booked. Once you've contacted your tour operator, please contact us either via phone or email with your Order ID and the reason for your cancellation. We cannot refund for expired or unused voucher.
How long will my refund take to process?
Once we receive your return request, we will contact the seller to confirm the refund amount based on the circumstances and each seller's return policy. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to confirm your return within one business day and 48 hours on weekends. As soon as we receive confirmation from the seller about the refund, we will process it immediately. Depending on your bank's processing time, your refund will appear on your statement 3-4 business days after we process it. screenshot of the return with a reference number.
How much money will I receive back from my refund?
The refund amount will be determined depending on when and why the event or trip was canceled. Check out the terms of your coupons and travel packages and the vendor's refund policy for more information.
What do I do if I need help with my booking?
We more than happy to help you out with a booking. Please feel free to contact us via online chat or email us at help@tourforyou.in or call on my helpline numbers.
Are “Tour For You” payment systems safe ?
“Tour For You” payment systems are very safe. We work only with 100% secure payment systems. Tour For You use online payment Systems.
I’ve got a business. How can I work with “Tour For You”?
We are always looking for new partners and suppliers. Register on our partner portal and become a local expert. For more information or contact us to discuss a possible partnership. If you think that there is no answer to your question, please contact us by email info@tourforyou.in and we will try to answer your question within 12-24 hours. If you have urgent questions, please contact our hotline number.
How do I submit feedback of my experience?
Your feedback helps us ensure that we maintain the high standards adhere to at Travello, so we'd love to hear from you! You are more than welcome to reach out to us at help@tourforyou.in